Country E-Commerce Supervisor

Страна :
Область :
Регион :
gorod Moskva
Город :
Категория :
Тип контракта :
Тип занятости :
полная занятость
Опыт :
2-5 лет

Описание компании

LC Waikiki Retail Company is a leading fashion retail company with a turnover of $ 3 billion. LC Waikiki’s journey started in France in 1985, continuing after 1997 as a Turkish brand under the umbrella of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş.
Today LC Waikiki trades in around 950 stores in 42 countries, with the company’s philosophy that “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products at affordable prices.

The LC Waikiki brand is a collection of fashion for women, men and children, with its own stores established in countries across Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, CIS countries and Turkey.

LC Waikiki aims to be one of the 3 most successful ready-made clothing brands in Europe by 2023 and we open a store somewhere in the world every 5 days!

Описание должности

The Role Country E-Commerce Supervisor


- Developing campaign ideas and presenting to the management.
- Analyzing the efficiency of campaigns, examining competitors and managing the development of new ideas, campaigns.
- Following up special days closely and managing the process of content & campaign development, analyzing the efficiency based on the results
- Analyzing the efficiency of digital investments and presenting an action plan
- Taking active role in marketing budget preparation with improving targets
- Giving information about the store stock capacity, mix and needs of the e-commerce category team and the store merhandising team.
- Active control of all the invoices
- Checking the profit/loss table of the department regularly and taking productive cautions
- Managing actively the process with customer relations, operation support services, logistics and transportation activities
- In order to ensure customer satisfaction and good level of customer experience, controlling that the customers are able to reach and receive the fastest solution
- Feeding expansion team on SLA's cost optimization with service providers to meet customer needs by the targets determined according to cost-benefit analysis
- To organize store warehouse personnel to manage E Trade Operations
- Making active benchmark analysis and producing new ideas&projects together with their reasons and benefits to be shared with the management in consideration of their order of priority
- To inform the management about the new developments by following up the sector and technology closely
- To understand the customer behavior and to develop actions based on this, tracking the website traffic and making analysis of consumer behavior and their feedbacks and sharing the results
-To develop new campaign strategies and ideas to increase sales and to attract visitors, to determine the communication strategies consistent with targeted audience and brand values
-In order to ensure customer satisfaction and competitive edge; adaption of services in logistics, transportation, payment, call center and customer services and conducting the process
-Managing country expense budget
-To improve the customer experience (CX), providing feedbacks regarding interface, content, designs to the central teams and assigning responsibilities to them
-Conducting competitor analysis and research & development works to closely follow up the developments in the sector

Требования к кандидату

- University degree
- Advanced English (written & verbal)
- Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar position -retail company experience is an asset
- Result oriented and have a positive attitude
- Team Player
- Excellent communication skills
- High sense of responsibility
- Ability to work in a multinational/multicultural environment